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Downloadable DataManaged Areas in North Carolina (April 2017)
The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program's Managed Areas (marea) shapefile is primarily a collection of fee simple properties and easements where natural resource conservation is one of the primary management goals. It does include a number of properti...
Downloadable DataBiodiversity/Wildlife Habitat Assessment (BWHA) - April 2017
This dataset shows the state’s conservation priorities for aquatic and terrestrial species and habitats, and landscape functions and connectivity. The relative conservation values displayed by this dataset focus on (1) the biodiversity of aquatic and terr...
Geographic ServicesNPDES Stormwater Permits
This CSV file contains the locations of facilities with active or expired NPDES Stormwater Industrial Permits as of the data extract date noted.  The data report was pulled from the NCDENR BIMS database on the Extraction Date.  Both individual and general...
Live Map ServicesRailroads - NC Department of Transportation
Live Map ServicesSpeed Limits – NCDOT Traffic Safety
Statewide speed limits. Maintained by Traffic Safety. Geoservice date: 11/01/2016
Live Map ServicesNCDOT Statewide National Highway System
Statewide National Highway System Geoservice date: 11/02/2016
Geographic ServicesInactive Hazardous Sites
This data set represents hazardous substance spill and disposal sites (as points) and includes active and inactive facilities and a variety of property types. The term “inactive” refers to the fact that cleanup was inactive at large numbers of sites at th...
ResourcePublic Road Routes, 2nd Quarter 2017 - NC Department of Transportation
An arc layer for visual representation of statewide road centerlines on publically-accessible roads segmented by road intersections and street names. The state road system is comprised of Interstate, US, NC, Secondary Routes, and Ramps. Each arc/record is...