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Title: NC1Map_Hydrography
Abstract: Wild and Scenic Rivers: The NC-CGIA developed the digital GIS Wild and Scenic Rivers data set from the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System website information ( The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act established a method for providing Federal protection for certain of our country's remaining free-flowing rivers, preserving them and their immediate environments for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Rivers are included in the system so that they may benefit from the protective management and control of development for which the Act provides. Major Hydrography: The NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, developed this digital Major Hydrography data to enhance planning, siting and impact analysis in areas directly affecting surface waters consisting of streams and rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and shorelines. The data is a subset of the 1:24,000-scale detailed hydrography data. This file is updated as changes occur. Streambed Mapping Hydrography:
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Theme Topics: MapServer, liveData, service, rivers, streams, water bodies, hydrography, water
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