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Title: 12-Digit HUC Subwatersheds
Abstract: This data contains all 12-Digit Hydrologic Unit Codes clipped to the NC state boundary. The data was pulled from the <a href="" target="_blank">USGS website</a> in 2013. This service is intended to be use by anyone who may need to show 12-Digit Subwatershed on their maps. Corresponding 10-Digit HUCs and 8-Digit HUCs are shown in attribute table. <div><div><br /></div><div>Data Contact: <a href="">Cam McNutt</a> </div><div>Layer Contact: <a href="">Melanie Williams</a></div></div>
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Theme Topics: Water, HUC, Boundary, 12Digit, Subwatershed, WBD, HUC 12, NC, NCDEQ, North Carolina, Final, Feature Service, Land, DWR
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