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Iredell County, NC 2002 Digital Orthos

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Abstract: 2002 aerial orthophotography of Iredell County, NC.
Purpose: To provide an aerial overview of Iredell Co., NC
Publication Date: 20020208
Originator: Iredell County Government
Online Linkage:
Time Period of Content:
Time Period Information:
Single Date/Time:
Calendar Date: 20020208
Currentness Reference: ground condition
Progress: Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency: Irregular
Spatial Domain:
Bounding Coordinates:
West Bounding Coordinate: -81.131751
East Bounding Coordinate: -80.679938
North Bounding Coordinate: 36.073732
South Bounding Coordinate: 35.490056
Contact Organization: Iredell County Department of Tax Administration and Land Records
Contact Voice Telephone: (704) 878-3137
Contact Organization: Iredell County Department of Tax Administration and Land Records
Horizontal Datum Name: North American Datum of 1983
Planar Distance Units: survey feet
Ellipsoid Name: Geodetic Reference System 80
Map Projection Name: Lambert Conformal Conic
Distribution Liability: Redistribution of this data is prohibited unless redistributed by Iredell County to other state/local agencies, federal agencies, and universities. This data is generated from recorded deeds, plats, and other public records. Earlier versions of this data set may exist. The user must be sure to use the appropriate data set for the time period of interest. While efforts have been made to ensure that this data is accurate and reliable, Iredell County cannot assume legal liability for any damages or misrepresentation caused by any inaccuracies in the data or as a result of changes to the data caused by system transfers.
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