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Geology - Dikes

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Abstract: The NC Dept. of Environmental Quality, Division of Land Resources, NC Geological Survey, in cooperation with the North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, developed the GIS data set version of the Geology of North Carolina. The data represents the digital equivalent of the official State Geology map (1:500,000-scale), but was digitized from (1:250,000-scale) base maps. This file contains the line attributes which identify dikes in North Carolina. The geologic formation id is the only attribute present. There are two additional files which accompany this layer, formations and faults. These should be used together with the dikes layer. All three files come together. (Refer to the cross references section for more detail on the formations and faults).
Purpose: This data was created to assist governmental agencies and others in making resource management decisions through use of a Geographic Information System (GIS).
Supplemental Information: This data includes three coverages: geol250, which contains geologic formations; geol250d, which contains dikes; and geol250f, which contains faults. To purchase a hardcopy of this data layer (the official 1985 NC State Geologic Map, shown at a 1:500,000 scale), contact: NC Geologic Survey PO Box 27687 Raleigh, NC 27611 (919) 733-2423 As of December, 1995, map cost is approximately $10.00. Call to confirm availability and price. This coverage corresponds to the DOT county boundary file. Other county boundary files may not be compatible with this layer. >system filename: geol250d file size = 0.1 mb > >Revisions and updates to this layer include: >3.) filename: geol250d1298 The December 1998 update to this layer >consisted of projecting the data from NAD27 datum, State Plane >projection, units of measure feet TO: NAD83 DATUM, State Plane >PROJECTION, UNITS OF MEASURE METERS. This was done to comply >with the NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council's >"Statement of Direction for North Carolina Corporate Geographic >Database Horizontal Reference, Datum and Unit of Measure". >This reprojecting was done in various ways depending on the >data type and content. Vector data was projected using the >'project' command in ESRI's Arc software and topology was >cleaned and built based on coverage needs. Raster data was >projected using ESRI's Grid module and various steps as applicable. >2.) filename: geol250d93 - This represents the 1993 version >which contains the following correction. In the spring of 1993, >a geologic formation (ZYba, Amphibolite) in Macon County was >added in order to correct the digital file of the formation layer. >This formation had been omitted in the original digitization. >The file containing the omitted information has been deleted. >The associated files names are: geol250 for formations and >geol250f for faults. >1.) filename: geol250d86 The 1986 version was the first release. >(previously named nc250.geodlk).
Publication Date: 19981201
Originator: NC Dept. of Environmental Quality, Division of Land Resources, NC Geological Survey
Publisher: NC DEHNR-Division of Land Resources, NC Geological Survey
Online Linkage:
Time Period of Content:
Time Period Information:
Range of Dates/Times:
Beginning Date: 1986
Ending Date: 19981201
Currentness Reference: Data creation and edit dates
Progress: Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency: None planned
Spatial Domain:
Bounding Coordinates:
West Bounding Coordinate: -81.747540
East Bounding Coordinate: -78.272929
North Bounding Coordinate: 36.542108
South Bounding Coordinate: 34.829358
Contact Voice Telephone: (919) 733-2423
Grid Coordinate System Name: State Plane Coordinate System 1983
Horizontal Datum Name: North American Datum of 1983
Planar Distance Units: meters
Ellipsoid Name: Geodetic Reference System 80
Attribute Label: LENGTH
Attribute Definition: Length of arc in coverage units
Attribute Definition Source: Software computed
Attribute Domain Values:
Range Domain:
Range Domain Minimum: 0.871
Range Domain Maximum: 33,437.535
Attribute Units of Measure: meters
Attribute Measurement Resolution: 0.001
Attribute Measurement Frequency: As needed
Attribute Label: OBJECTID
Attribute Definition: Internal feature number.
Attribute Definition Source: ESRI
Attribute Domain Values:
Unrepresentable Domain: Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.
Attribute Label: SHAPE
Attribute Definition: Feature geometry.
Attribute Definition Source: ESRI
Attribute Domain Values:
Unrepresentable Domain: Coordinates defining the features.
Distribution Liability: NCCGIA is charged with the development and maintenance of NC OneMap and, in cooperation with other mapping organizations, is committed to offering its users accurate, useful, and current information. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, errors and conditions originating from physical sources used to develop this dataset may be reflected in the data supplied. The user must be aware of possible conditions and bear responsibility for the appropriate use of the information with respect to possible errors, original map scale, collection methodology, currency of data, and other conditions specific to certain data. NCCGIA does not support secondary distribution of this dataset without its current, compliant metadata record. The use of trade names or commercial products does not constitute their endorsement by NCCGIA or North Carolina State Government.
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