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Title: Bridges
Abstract: This map service contains points representing North Carolina currently inventoried bridges and other structures extracted and attributed by the NCDOT Bridge Maintenance e Unit’s bridge database. ** Bridges become visible when zoomed in. ** Other service capabilities include: WMS: The bridge layer is a compilation of data originally found in the Bridge Inventory maps produced by SRMU mapping group of the State Road Maintenance Unit which has been supplemented with updates from the bridge database of the NCDOT’s Bridge Maintenance Unit. The availability and accuracy of the bridge dataset is dependent upon an ongoing process of integration between the NCDOT GIS Unit and the Bridge Maintenance Unit’s bridge database. Discrepancies may exist since the frequency with which the source are updated is not the same. Please take this into account prior to utilizing the GIS Bridge service.. Refer to the metadata for this dataset for more information.
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Originator: NCDOT GIS Unit
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Theme Topics: MapServer, liveData, service, NCDOT, Bridges
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West Bounding Longitude: -84.4023493227788
East Bounding Longitude: -75.427445459605
North Bounding Latitude: 36.6141985429741
South Bounding Latitude: 33.7695798319985
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