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Gas Stations - January 2018

File Identifier: e52f19e6-4256-11e8-b79f-54ee75531df7
Metadata Language: English
: utf8
Parent Identifier:
Resource Type: Dataset
Responsible Party:
Individual Name: Dan Madding
Organisation Name: NCDACS
Position Name:
Role: Custodian
Contact Info:
Voice: (919) 807-4344
Online Resource:
Metadata Date: 2018-03-23
Metadata Standard Name: ISO 19139 Geographic Information - Metadata - Implementation Specification
Metadata Standard Version: 2007
Data Identification
Abstract: This is a comprehensive dataset that identifies the spatial locations of North Carolina gas stations. Other information includes: address, city, zipcode, county, phone number, store type, number of gas, diesel, kerosene, and non-highway diesel nozzles, permanent generator, pre-wired for generator, and facility name.
Purpose: This dataset was created to aid the State of North Carolina in emergency planning and regulation.
Language: English
Contact Info:
Title: Gas Stations - January 2018
Date: 2018-03-01
Date Type: Creation Date
Representation Type: Vector
Topic Category: Transportation Networks
Keyword Collection:
Keyword: Downloadable Data
Keyword: Gas Stations
Keyword: Infrastructure
Keyword: Energy
Keyword: Energy
Keyword: Generator
Keyword: Economy
Keyword: 2016
Keyword: North Carolina
Keyword: Hurricane
Spatial Extent:
West Bounding Longitude: -84.217476
East Bounding Longitude: -75.467278
North Bounding Latitude: 36.560293
South Bounding Latitude: 33.890183
Distribution Format:
Format Name: Shapefile
Format Version: 10
Transfer Options:
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