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2017 North Carolina Digital Orthoimagery Download

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Download Link:
Abstract: Orthoimagery in North Carolina captured during leaf-off conditions in early 2017 with 6-inch ground resolution, is a public resource provided by North Carolina's Statewide Orthoimagery Program, supported by the NC 911 Board. The state program includes orthoimagery acquired between 2012 and 2017. The Program is consistent with the Business Plan for Orthoimagery in North Carolina ( that recommends acquisition of one-fourth of the state per year in a four-year cycle. The products are orthoimagery in true color, 6-inch ground resolution in 5,000 by 5,000-foot tiles, in uncompressed and compressed formats, packaged by county for distribution to E911 centers and accessible through the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal. The project was managed by the NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA) in the NC OneMap framework of data access. CGIA collaborated with the NC Geodetic Survey, the NC Department of Transportation's Photogrammetry Unit, and the Land Records Management office in the Office of the Secretary of State to form a state team with expertise and experience in orthoimagery. Acquisition contractors were selected by a Qualifications-Based Selection process. In addition the Statewide Mapping Advisory Committee's Working Group for Orthophotography Planning provided technical advice. Images were collected with digital cameras in early 2016, image processing and quality control occurred through 2016, and products became available by early 2017. Image services are accessible and data are downloadable through the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal. The orthophoto tile naming convention utilizes the NC statewide index and uses the following parameters: OC is the 2 digit product code, O=orthoimagery, C=color 6io is the 3 digit pixel size for 6-inch imagery 37 is the 2 digit NC ANSI (FIPS) code 000 is the 3 digit alpha numeric custodian code, Code "000" represents state maintained data "20765400" is the map index number. It is an 8 digit SOS LRM numbering of the basic modular unit with millionth place digit. 20140222 is the 8 digit date (YYYYMMDD) representing the starting flight date for the county 0413R0 is the 4 digit data (MMDD) representing the ending flight date for the county followed by the revision number for that tile. The URL to utilize the image service is: Imagery download is:
Purpose: This dataset was generated to provide a consistent reference map for base mapping and display in emergency 911 operations and GIS applications.
Publication Date: 20171214
Originator: Darrin Smith, NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, Department of IT, Project Manager
Time Period of Content:
Time Period Information:
Range of Dates/Times:
Beginning Date: 20120201
Ending Date: 20170226
Currentness Reference: Polygons are closed to delineate areas utilized for any portion of an image. Tests for logical consistency are performed through photogrammetry software.
Progress: Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency: None planned
Spatial Domain:
Bounding Coordinates:
West Bounding Coordinate: -80.0826395
East Bounding Coordinate: -77.0484828
North Bounding Coordinate: 36.5576203
South Bounding Coordinate: 34.2749410
Contact Organization: NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, Department of IT
Contact Person: Darrin Smith
Contact Electronic Mail Address:
Contact Voice Telephone: 919-754-6589
Contact Organization: NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, Department of IT
Horizontal Datum Name: D NAD 1983 2011
Planar Distance Units: foot_us
Ellipsoid Name: GRS 1980
Map Projection Name: NAD 1983 2011 StatePlane North Carolina FIPS 3200 Ft US
Distribution Liability: NCCGIA is charged with the development and maintenance of NC OneMap and, in cooperation with other mapping organizations, is committed to offering its users accurate, useful, and current information. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, errors and conditions originating from physical sources used to develop this dataset may be reflected in the data supplied. The user must be aware of possible conditions and bear responsibility for the appropriate use of the information with respect to possible errors, original map scale, collection methodology, currency of data, and other conditions specific to certain data. NCCGIA does not support secondary distribution of this dataset without its current, compliant metadata record. The use of trade names or commercial products does not constitute their endorsement by NCCGIA or North Carolina State Government.
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