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We are currently experiencing issues with the functionality of downloading imagery by tile. Until the issue is resolved, the most-recent imagery for each county can be downloaded by mosaic using the link at the top of this page.

If the imagery is to be used in an environment where there is a constant internet connection, access to the image services rather than downloading, can be a viable option. The services offer the same data as the downloads, without waiting for the download to finish. In the desktop ArcGIS environment, it is very easy to add all the services that originate from the NC OneMap server (including imagery):

- Open ArcCatalog and under GIS Servers double-click on "Add ArcGIS Server"
- In the "Add ArcGIS Server" window click on "Use GIS Services" and click "Next"
- In the Server URL text box enter (no quotes) ""
- Click "Finish" (no username and password needs to be entered)

The ArcCatalog Contents tab will then contain all the services available from the NC OneMap server. All the imagery services may be viewed be expanding the "Imagery" folder. Services can then be added to ArcMap.

Download Imagery using ArcMap
The data in the image services can also be downloaded using ArcMap. Follow these simple steps as outlined in the Esri online help.

In non-ArcGIS desktop environments, services can still be accessed by software if it supports the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) specifications for Web Map Services (WMS) or Web Coverage Services (WCS). Steps required to add the image services using the OGC specifications will vary by software, however videos are available that show how to add web services to AutoCAD, Microstation, and Carlson. Otherwise, please refer to your software vendor.

For more information on NC OneMap web services, please refer to the FAQ.